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Channeling My Inner Unicorny Mermaid...

Okay, no, I haven't gone and lost my mind and, yes, you did just read that title perfectly - today we're letting the imagination take the wheel as we buckle up and delve into a world of crazy cosmetics that you've probably never thought to explore before...

High-end Haul: theBalm Cosmetics

Hey there beauties! So, another week has passed (and passed very quickly might I add) which means another beauty segment here on Marina Writes Life and, trust me, today's post is one I've been meaning to publish for a while now but, hey ho, finally the time has come!

A REAL At-Home Spa Experience with Bel Mondo Beauty + GIVEAWAY!

Firstly, I'd just like to say WOW - it's been way too long for my liking, as exam period this year really has had my undivided attention. However after obtaining some pretty ace results and having a little time off for myself in order to catch my breath again after such a consistently busy revision schedule, I'm back and better than ever baby, with a brand new review and, better yet, ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! So, without further ado, let's get into thing - I've honestly been raring to tell you all about Bel Mondo Beauty, the creators of my new favourite sheet masks. 

Let's Talk Teeth with Janina Ultra White

Hey guys! Today, we're going to chat about something that I (as far as I'm aware of) haven't mentioned yet here on my blog and that is TEETH. Personally, for many years now, I've been devoted to oral health and teeth whitening because, for one, it's incredibly important to keep the mouth clean for hygienic purposes and, for two, dazzling white gnashers look damn good on anybody and everybody. However, despite being an unabashed fan of looking after my teeth,  I hadn't yet taken the time out to go through my entire dental care routine and what I've been using for the past while; after an offer I simply couldn't resist, I decided it was about time to obliterate that silence today and talk to you about two products from Janina Ultra White that I was challenged to use for the last month.

Introducing: Freshly Cosmetics...

Hey beauties! So, firstly, I know I should have posted some time last week but, hey ho, you know how the exam period goes and these last couple of weeks have been absolutely HECTIC. Nevertheless, I'm right here with you now and am going to be giving you guys a little 'something-something' to enjoy this Saturday and, this time, it's going to be all about Freshly Cosmetics, the much sought-after natural, toxin-free beauty brand from Spain.

The Perfect Pair - Heimish's Bulgarian Rose Water Mist Serum & Hydrogel Eyepatches*

Now, as you may be able to recall, I have indeed done one of these posts before about a fresh herb toner and serum, however, I never thought to firstly answer the following, burning question: what actually is the definition of a perfect pair? What makes using two specific products together such an utter triumph?