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Shine Bright Like A Diamond with Cookies Makeup

Hey there little stars! As you can see by the title (sorry Sia and Rihanna, I was out of ideas...), today we're going to be exploring some products that will indeed have you twinkling enough to be mistaken for escapees from the greater galaxy: the "Metals Matte" metallic lip glosses* by Cookie's Makeup. 

HOT: Labelle Makeup's Colour Splurge Eyeshadow Palette

Hey guys, today I'm back, and fairly punctually, with a brand, spanking new review of a special something that popped into my post box not so long ago, accompanied by a variety of confectionary and sweet treats in keeping with the theme (which were promptly devoured by myself and my entourage within the hours that followed). And that theme is colour.

Slim Life Tea - Does It Work?

Hey guys! As you can see, today I'm back and bringing you something slightly different than usual yet, rest assured, equally as interesting.

Sultry Summer Eyes with Exposed Cosmetics

Hey lovelies! I know, I keep apologising for the tardiness on each of my posts and it's got to stop - my posting schedule is a nightmare! However, I have now returned from my holiday abroad (which was wonderful by the way), which means I'm coming right back at you with some more of your favourite content, starting with a little goodie that slid through into my post box whilst I was away.

Channeling My Inner Unicorny Mermaid...

Okay, no, I haven't gone and lost my mind and, yes, you did just read that title perfectly - today we're letting the imagination take the wheel as we buckle up and delve into a world of crazy cosmetics that you've probably never thought to explore before...

High-end Haul: theBalm Cosmetics

Hey there beauties! So, another week has passed (and passed very quickly might I add) which means another beauty segment here on Marina Writes Life and, trust me, today's post is one I've been meaning to publish for a while now but, hey ho, finally the time has come!